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(by Theo Gosselin)
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    do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why

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  5. The knees kill the fluidity that mermaids are supposed to have.

    The knees kill the fluidity that mermaids are supposed to have.

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Untitled, 2013Maxime Guyon & Benoît Jeannet


    Untitled, 2013
    Maxime Guyon & Benoît Jeannet

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    • my mom: are you sure you want the 20 piece mcnugget isn't an eight piece enough
    • me: ...
    • my mom: didn't you just eat a fish sandwich
    • me: ...
    • my mom: ...
    • me: *takes deep breath* we teach girls to shrink themselves-- to make themselves smaller
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    The VMAs are definitely Britney’s show.

    Even when she’s not there.

    Ha. Right. After that Gaga performance in 2009, it changed. And after tonight’s Beyoncé performance, it has changed yet again.

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    I work out with my dad all the time and he’s 60

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    when nicki didn’t come out during flawless


    Are you serious? If ANYONE but Beyoncé and her backup dancers came out during that performance, I would’ve flown to California and personally bitch slapped the ho that would’ve ruined that class A performance. The Nicki/Bey remix was terrible anyway. I only cared for Beyoncé’s parts in that song. Nicki just ruins everything.

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